Silent Spring

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(As of March 1, 2006) the entry about Rachel Carson's founding environmentalist and anti-chemical book Silent Spring on the online encyclopedia Wikipedia contained a section about "Criticism" of Carson's negative opinion of the pesticide DDT, including a quote from ACSH's Todd Seavey:

--In one study, primates were fed 33,000 times more DDT than the estimated exposure of adult humans in 1969. No conclusive link with cancer was detected. Source: Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology 1999; 125(3-4):219-25

--A study of 692 women, half of them control subjects, over a period of twenty years, established no correlation between serum DDE and breast cancer. DDE is a metabolite of DDT, and correlates with DDT exposure. Source: Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 1999 June; 8(6):525-32

--A study examined 35 workers exposed to 600 times the average DDT exposure levels over a period of 9 to 19 years. No elevated cancer risk was observed. Source: ER Laws, 1967. Archives of Environmental Health 15:766-775

--"DDT has been conservatively credited with saving some 100 million lives" -- Todd Seavey (American Council on Science and Health)

--In another study, humans voluntarily ingested 35 mg of DDT daily for about two years, and were then tracked for several years afterward. No elevated risk was observed. Source: Hayes, W. 1956. JAMA 162:890-897