What About the Back of the Cereal Box Instead?

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A March 1, 2007 piece notes ACSH's survey of Nutrition Accuracy in Popular Magazines:

The American Council on Science and Health assembled a panel of nutritionists to evaluate two years of recent nutrition coverage in twenty-one popular magazines, with Consumer Reports topping the list for accuracy, presentation and recommendations. At rock bottom was American Media's Men's Fitness, whose articles, said the council, led the panel "to wonder whether this magazine is in the business of publishing fiction." The report cited "inaccurate, exaggerated, or undocumented statements" in a March 2005 nutrition article, such as "alcohol plus a steak dinner works like lighter fluid on your metabolism," concluding: "We have rarely seen so many myths, misconceptions and unproven notions in a single article." A spokesman for Men's Fitness said in an e-mail, "After careful research, we found the experts we use are far more qualified than the resources they used to come to their conclusion."