ACSH in the Media: Stay-at-Home Edition

By Erik Lief — Apr 07, 2020
Even though we've been isolated from each other and the world at large, that doesn't mean we here at ACSH haven't been making our voices heard across the media landscape. In fact, with the COVID-19 pandemic raging on, our views on medical and scientific matters have been in even greater demand. And it's our view that there's no better way to spend our working hours at home than to provide clarity and calming guidance during this coronavirus health crisis.

Just in the last three weeks alone, ACSH itself, as well as our writers and advisors, have appeared in 81 articles –– 60 of those in top publications and multimedia outlets with wide internet readership. We have been carried nationally and internationally, as well as in local and regional media markets. Here are just some of the highlights of our work during this period: 

Stop the Panic. Don’t Let the Coronavirus Win –– An Op-Ed in USA Today by Dr. Alex Berezow, who argues that while COVID-19 is a public health emergency, precautions must be proportionate to the risk. 

Dr. Berezow on "Jimmy at the Crossroads" –– Discussing his USA Today opinion piece with Denver-based radio personality Jimmy Sengenberger, whose partnership with The Washington Examiner is a new kind of political talk program: an audio podcast and video broadcast.

Does Vinegar Kill Germs? It Isn’t the Best Disinfectant for Viruses –– Dr. Berezow, interviewed by in an article widely distributed by Yahoo!, said while vinegar carries some disinfectant properties, it is not as effective as standard household cleaners. "I don't really know why anyone would use vinegar,” he said, "when there are a bunch of cleaning products already on the market that are quite effective."

Household Cleaners You Should Never Mix –– Crediting Dr. Josh Bloom, for scientifically reviewing an article for Business Insider Australia on the essentials of sticking to one household cleaner at a time per surface, to avoid creating dangerous chemical reactions. Drs. Bloom and Berezow accepted invitations to join Insider's Medical Review Board, as did ACSH advisor Dr. David Seres.

Jewish Doctor Urges Israel to Follow his Off-Label Coronavirus Treatment –– The Jerusalem Post quotes our Dr. Charles Dinerstein, who characterized the doctor's research as “more a demonstration of anecdotal information than anything approaching a peer-review process.”

Coronavirus Articles: Endorsements and Public Shares –– The website Medium included ACSH advisor Dr. David Shlaes (designating him as an Expert, while misspelling his name), along with one of his recent articles titled "Coronavirus: An Event Forseen," in its list of recommended works on the pandemic, compiled by Tomas Pueyo. 

Antibiotics Can Have Adverse Effects on Your Immune System –– Dr. Berezow was quoted extensively in an article distributed on the widely-read MSN portal on the power of antibiotics, as well as the potential health problems that can emerge from taking them.

Non-Essential Surgeries on Hold in NC Hospital System –– When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in North Carolina, the Greensboro News and Record wanted to speak with our Dr. Dinerstein, a retired vascular surgeon, about the decision made by Cone Hospital System to suspend all elective surgeries. He, of course, obliged, while providing insight into how decisions are made in the operating room.

How to Avoid Germs When Grocery Shopping –– Another area of coronavirus concern occurs daily in supermarkets around the country. So when Reader's Digest called, we responded with health tips for staying safe using hand sanitizer. "Use a healthy plop (not just a tiny drop), and be sure to rub it all over the back of your hands as well," Dr. Berezow said, as quoted in the article. "You should use enough sanitizer so that it doesn't evaporate as you rub your hands for 10 to 15 seconds."

Experimental Drug to Treat Coronavirus Patient –– With anxious people stricken by COVID-19 seeking any kind of medication to treat their condition, many have begun to focus on the drug Remdesivir, which our Dr. Bloom has written about extensively, and most recently here. The International Business Times has taken note of his expertise and the journal referenced the American Council's work in a recent article about Remdesivir.