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This series of dispatches gives readers a seat at the ACSH table every morning. In September, this opportunity to listen in on staffers' conversations and insight will be available only to donors.

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--On Sunday, Associate Director Jeff Stier stopped by the Upper West Side street fair and saw more than the usual food tents -- he also ran into Sen. Chuck Schumer. In their conversation, Jeff asked Sen. Schumer about the FDA tobacco bill discussed and analyzed in this editorial by Dr. Elizabeth Whelan. At Stier's urging, the senator expressed an interest in getting a better understanding of the specifics of the legislation and suggested ACSH send some information his way.

--As ACSH staffers read letters to the editor in the Wall Street Journal, several lauding Dr. Norman Borlaug, Nobel Prize winner and a member of our Board of Trustees, stood out. Dr. Whelan noted her favorite of the bunch is the following by Stuart Creque of Moraga, CA:

"There is a misconception in your editorial: Environmental doomsayers don't overlook human ingenuity, they fear and despise it."

--Open up Saturday's Wall Street Journal and find a letter to the editor by ACSH Director of Nutrition Dr. Ruth Kava on the dangers of alternative treatments for depression. Skim today's New York Post and see Stier's op-ed on ending the black market for organ transplants.

Corrie Driebusch is a research intern at the American Council on Science and Health (,