Dispatch: CSPI Unhappy with Happy Meals

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The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) (aka: the “Food Police”) is threatening to sue McDonald’s for including toys with their Happy Meals, citing supposed violations to consumer protections laws in a number of states. CSPI executive director Michael Jacobson claims that the marketing of toys with fast food is illegal in these states. He’s also outraged that none of the 24 Happy Meal options available to customers meet his nutritional standard of containing one-third of the “recommended” daily intake of 1300 calories in children – in other words, less than 430 calories.

ACSH Associate Director Cheryl Martin says, “It seems that according to Jacobson, Happy Meals are junk food just because they’re made by McDonald’s.”

Dr. Ross questions the validity of Jacobson’s threats. “He wants Happy Meals with toys to be illegal, but he does not explain how they’ve violated the law. He’s making up his own calorie dictates and demanding that McDonald’s meet those criteria or he will sue them.”

“If funny characters are so effective at making kids decide what to eat, why don't the folks at CSPI drop this silly lawsuit, put on clown suits with a salad on their heads, and the obesity problem will vanish,” ACSH’s Jeff Stier quips.