Scaremonger junk science proliferates around GMOs

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We d like to draw your attention to two recent articles that have shed light on the drastic increase in propaganda and junk science surrounding genetically modified organisms, such as an embarrassing scientific study from a team of French researchers who purported to find that GMO corn fed to rats caused them to develop tumors and die prematurely.

The first, an article published in Slate, beautifully attacks not only GMO-phobia, but it exposes how campaigns and politics distort the science on genetically modified foods.

Here s an excerpt:

I ve found that fears are stoked by prominent environmental groups, supposed food-safety watchdogs, and influential food columnists; that dodgy science is laundered by well-respected scholars and propaganda is treated credulously by legendary journalists; and that progressive media outlets, which often decry the scurrilous rhetoric that warps the climate debate, serve up a comparable agitprop when it comes to GMOs.

The second, published in Voice of America, quoted ACSH advisor Dr. Alan McHughen of UC Riverside as saying:

Regulators in the U.S. and Europe, as well as the U.N. s World Health Organization and Food and Agriculture Organization, have concluded that genetically modified products on the shelves today are no more dangerous than products made the usual way.