Atlanta Journal-Constitution Cites ACSH On Obesity

In the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a writer named Leon Stafford demonstrates why Americans don't trust corporate health and science journalism and prefer to get it from experts like the American Council on Science and Health.

In an article criticizing Coca-Cola for funding the academics behind the Global Energy Balance Network (GEBN), Mr. Stafford implies the American Council on Science and Health is somehow the same thing. His only evidence seems to be hearsay from Vani Hari, the self-styled Food Babe, who has no science or health expertise, and Dr. Mark Hyman, who chases health fads for profit at his UltraWellness Center and touts his connections to the Clinton family as proof that his alternative medicine beliefs are legitimate.

Since Coca-Cola's fund to create GEBN was more than the entire budget of the Council and they do not donate to us, this seems like an obvious mistake to avoid for anyone engaged in serious journalism rather than editorial ranting

We are sure Mr. Leonard regrets the error. We regret that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution seems to have laid off all of their fact checkers.