Washington Post Cites ACSH For Debunking Unpublished Claims About Cheese Addiction

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Vegans are promoting the belief that cheese is somehow addictive. The vegans espousing that call eliminating everything going "cold Tofurky."

Like any other diet or exercise plan, or if people undergo hypnosis to stop smoking, whatever works is fine, but don't claim it is science. As Maura Judkis in Washington Post notes, we addressed the suspect claims promoted by the Cheese Addiction proponents by noting that no experts had reviewed the data - in an open access world where almost anyone with a credit card can buy a stamp of peer review, the work they think proves their case has not been peer-reviewed.

If cheese is addictive, like smoking, then going old turkey is a terrible idea. These same vegans who would likely agree abstinence-only advocacy about teenage sex will never work somehow get all Puritan about cheese and say you just have to stop: But maybe they need the dairy equivalent of gums, patches or e-cigarettes to wean them off. Velveeta?