ACSH in the Media: Oct. 2020

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A writing partnership, between a University of Maryland professor and the pharmaceutical expert at the American Council on Science and Health, continues to thrive, producing valuable health information for publication in a major national newspaper.

She's a medicinal chemist, an expert in antiviral drug development, and a professor at the U of M in Baltimore County. With 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry, he has expertise in drug discovery, chemical analysis and composition, and rational pain policy associated with opioid use and addiction. Together, they are proving once again to be a formidable team, co-authoring another important opinion piece, titled:

Herd Immunity is a Dangerous Way to Go in the Fight Against COVID-19 – A joint Op-Ed by Dr. Katherine Seley-Radtke and our Dr. Josh Bloom was published in the Baltimore Sun on Oct. 22. And as you might recall back in July, Drs. Bloom and Seley-Radtke, an ACSH advisor, teamed up on an Op-Ed also in The Sun about treating COVID-19 in ways that don't involve vaccines.

Other news items and articles referencing the American Council include:

City Journal, a right-leaning, online quarterly magazine that bills itself as "the nation’s premier urban policy magazine for public officials, journalists, and all who seek a stimulating mix of hard-headed practicality and cutting-edge theory," published an article titled A Failed Experiment: The Lockdowns Must End, which linked to an article by ACSH's Dr. Alex Berezow examining the shortcomings of lockdowns.

Inventor Inspired by Wanting to Keep His Daughter Safe – An article on the website of the BBC, on the effectiveness of using ultraviolet light in South Korea to disinfect surfaces and protect against COVID-19, quoted Dr. Berezow, ACSH's VP of Scientific Communications. 

Kirby Wilbur Radio Show –– On Oct. 20 and 27, Dr. Berezow appeared on the Seattle-based talk show Kirby Nation on KVI, discussing the latest on COVID-19; and (starting at 22:55) the reasons why the virus hasn't been contained in Europe and the United States, respectively.

Opioid Policymakers Keep Tilting at Windmills, Striking Patients in the Process – Dr. Bloom, ACSH's Director of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science, was quoted in an Oct. 15 article by the Cato Institute on federal policy involving opioid use.  

Three days later, that article was reprinted in The National Interest, titled Congress Is In Denial: The War On Drugs Is Driving Opioid Addiction.

Dr. Berezow appeared on the Independence, OH radio program, The Answer on AM1420, discussing alternative methods in battling COVID-19 that don't involve locking down society, on the Oct. 13th episode of The Dan Proft Show.

Amazon Is Majorly Discounting This UV Box That Can Sanitize Your Phone and So Much More – An article on the website of Good Housekeeping, on the benefits of UV light, referred to an article written on the subject by Dr. Berezow.

What Medications Is President Trump Taking for COVID-19? – Dr. Chuck Dinerstein, ACSH's Director of Medicine, was quoted in an article on the Verywell Health website, which discussed the topic of antibody "cocktails" designed to fight COVID-19. “Given a lack of therapeutic options," Dr. Dinerstein said, "that is good."