ACSH Podcast: COVID Boosters and Herd Immunity; Obesity Denial and 'Cancel Culture' in Science

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On Episode 4 of the ACSH Science Dispatch Podcast, we examine the need for COVID boosters and the increasingly irrelevant concept of herd immunity. We then dive into an incendiary discussion about the social-justice-inspired effort to deny the dangers of obesity. Finally, is there a "cancel culture" in science?

Join our directors of medicine and bio-sciences, Dr. Chuck Dinerstein and Cameron English, as they break down these stories:

Dr. Anthony Fauci along with two of his colleagues write about the concept of herd immunity and COVID-19. Buckle up; it will be a bumpy ride, at least in the media.

On January 2, 2022, the Israeli government began the Pfizer vaccine's 4th dose or second booster. The data from Israel's vaccination program is the basis of the decision by the FDA and CDC to recommend a second booster shoot for selected populations. What should you do?

Fat-acceptance advocates say medical terms like "obesity" and "overweight" stigmatize fat people and should be eliminated from our vocabulary. They're putting public health at risk to promote a misguided ideology.

North Carolina State University recently cancelled a science-outreach event because the invited speakers have the wrong skin color. It's another example of academic institutions prizing a radical social agenda over education.

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