Podcast: Sucralose-Cancer Hysteria, Debunked; Time For Climate Change Reparations?

By Cameron English and ChuckDinerstein — Jul 11, 2023
A new health scare is brewing as reporters speculate about the cancer risk of consuming the sweetener sucralose. Is there any evidence behind the panic? No. A team of scientists recently argued that it's time for oil companies to pay reparations for causing climate change. Let's take a critical look at their claims.
Image by Myriams-Fotos Myriams-Fotos via Pixabay

Join host Cameron English as he sits down with Dr. Chuck Dinerstein to break down these stories on Episode 43 of the Science Dispatch podcast:

Can a degradation product and chemical used to make sucralose – sucralose-6-acetate – damage our DNA? As is often the case, it depends. Here, it's about your metric of DNA damage and your exposure. Leaving the scary headlines and media confabulation behind, here's a breakdown of the study. 

How to manage climate change remains a contested policy area, both nationally and internationally. Who will pick up the tab for the changes? One group of scientists has taken the moral high ground, saying “other agents bear substantial responsibility for the cost of redressing climate harm: the companies that engage in the exploration, production, refining, and distribution of oil, gas, and coal.”

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