Podcast: Skipping Meals Restores Your Youth? The Science Behind Fasting.

By Cameron English and ChuckDinerstein — May 01, 2024
A recent study found that controlled periods of fasting could hold the key to unlocking a longer, healthier life. Do we finally have evidence that skipping meals reverses aging, or is the situation more complicated than that?
Image by AbsolutVision via Pixabay

Join Cameron English and Dr. Chuck Dinerstein on Episode 71 of the Science Dispatch podcast as they explore an intriguing question:

A recent study published in Nature suggests that the key to a longer, healthier life is not achieved by stuffing our faces around the clock. Instead, starving ourselves for a bit might be the ticket to turning back the clock on aging. What is the science behind this hunger game? Is fasting the ultimate cheat code for defying time?


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