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Actress Zooey Deschanel has a new startup — The Farm Project. In her latest video episode she urges consumers to stop buying produce from the grocery store — unless it's organic.

In America, we have abdicated our personal responsibility regarding food to the government. With FDA and USDA we are guided by bans, subsidies, and taxes, lest we be rudderless about how to eat breakfast. Our parameters are food pyramids and nutritional guidelines and IARC warnings and activist groups promoting scary agrichemical stories and newspapers touting miracle vegetables.

But evidence? That's lacking. 

In 2008, Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), told us if we ate less meat global warming would be halted. Meat was 18 percent of human-induced...

If there's one sector of the health and fitness market that's experiencing explosive growth, it's yoga.

This activity has clearly struck a chord with American adults, serving as a vehicle towards achieving better health, relaxation and general well-being. In 2016, a reported 37 million people practiced yoga (10 million of them, men) to some degree, a significant increase from 20 million in 2012. These participation levels include attendance in both "hot" yoga, where the studio's heat is raised significantly, classes held at room temperature and individual engagement at home.

It's with this surge of attention that prompted researchers to study whether one class offered added health benefits over the other for healthy, middle-aged adults. This undertaking, they say, was the...

Some find it strange, while others, simply fascinating. And others still put it on their dinner menu because they're drawn to its preparation in a macabre sort of way.

But the government of Switzerland believes the practice of throwing a live lobster in a pot of boiling water is unnecessary, and most of all, cruel. As a result lawmakers in that landlocked European country have actually passed a law recently, banning that particular crustacean toss.

And this heartfelt legislative decision – presumably not on humanitarian, but lobsterian, grounds – was made Jan. 10. In short, the Swiss simply feared that these tasty, sea creatures experience agonizing pain during those final, heated moments of their lives.

There's only one problem with that: it's impossible, since...

There’s a new scary poison in town. It comes wrapped in a thin, shiny can, and tastes like someone mixed cough syrup and Coke and then poured it over a few kilos of sugar.

I’m talking, of course, about energy drinks.

This week, energy drinks have again been in the news as probably the worst thing that you could do to your body, causing everything from nausea to seizures. They are apparently going to destroy our youth and kill us all.

Sometimes I love the Daily Mail. If they learned how to science, where would I go for comedic material?

Sounds scary, right?


Drinking Energy

Energy drinks are the newest addition in...

Scientific research, folks in white lab coats, gleaming laboratories, occasional Eureka moments interspersed with hours of work – still sounds interesting if not glamorous. But sometimes, science requires more dedication, more sacrifice. Two physicians made the effort studying the effect of Thunder Mountain, a Disney World roller coaster, on kidney stones – small crystals that form in your kidneys. 

The study

The authors built a 3-D model of a kidney and ureter, the anatomic tube that connects the kidney to the bladder. The model faithfully recreated the kidney's "collection system," the pathway a kidney stone takes as it follows urine out of the body. They wanted to know whether these crystals or stones would move...

Following a vegan diet has become increasingly widespread in affluent countries — Britain saw its popularity rise quickly in 2017, for example. From a nutritional standpoint, a vegan diet can supply all essential nutrients except vitamin B12, which must be obtained from appropriate supplementation. From a social perspective, some vegans pat themselves on the back because they feel they're not complicit in cruel aspects of animal husbandry or possible environmental effect of large-scale food animal production. Okay, we're not in favor of cruelty or environmental degradation either. We wonder, though, if a broader...

The business of sleep continues to break new ground. To what end, that's hard to say.

And it's a good thing the Boston Celtics learned about the latest sleep-enhancing technology just before they jet off to London later this week. Cause who knows how they would have fared without it.

While the team adopts hi-tech sheets, pillows and other products and tells its fans that the move is the latest player conditioning advance to snare that all-important micro-edge over other NBA teams, from this perspective it sure feels more like a souped-up product sponsorship partnership that's got more to do with $$$ and less to do with ZZZ.

Delivering players in Celtic green workout attire, the first-place team recently participated in a joint-media event to promote its new...

Eggs have been a dietary bugaboo for decades because of the cholesterol within their yolks. But since recent research has indicated that for most people, dietary cholesterol doesn't translate into increased blood cholesterol levels, investigators have focused more on the positive aspects of whole egg consumption — their content of essential nutrients (e.g. choline and vitamin D) being one such characteristic, which could impact muscle development.

People who do resistance training to get a more muscular physique are encouraged to eat protein-rich foods or supplements post-exercise to help add muscle. Since egg protein is about as good as it gets, conventional wisdom has been that you should eat egg whites (...

“Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! Rage, blow!”
--Shakespeare's King Lear

In the inaugural issue of Nature Electronics, authors from Down Under report the development of a sensor that analyses the gases present, well, down under; or at least in your intestine. It is an extension of a proof of concept from animals to humans but does reveal some fascinating physiology. [1]

Oxygen levels varying with the gut, from a high of about 65% (contrasted with atmospheric levels of 21%) in the stomach to less than 1% in the large intestine. This reflects the increasing presence and activity of anaerobic bacteria that function best in environments bereft of oxygen. Hydrogen levels, on the other hand, are less 0.25% in the stomach, rising in...