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With the recent doubling down of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) urging breastfeeding at all costs despite no country meeting their standards, has the latest reversal of the "normal bir

If the oceans continue to warm, a new study released today postulates that the size of fish gills will face new limits, with many species subsequently shrinking in size as compared today's population due to the intake of less oxygen in warmer wate

In certain areas of the country, "tick checks" are an everyday activity - especially for the kind of ticks that carry diseases like Lyme disease.

When is it time to put the scalpel (or stethoscope) down?

The Center for Medicare Services (CMS) unveiled their latest consumer tool, a comparison of Hospice care, aptly titled Hospice Compare.

Given the political morass consuming all of the oxygen in the room on social media and it seems every news outlet, I must admit writing another in-depth thought piece on current health policy or innovation seems a bit disconnected from the events

Pharma companies are not doing well keeping their unscrupulous behavior quiet.

Merritt Hawkins, a company that specializes in recruitment and placement of physicians, released a survey o

In 'Drugged Driving' Not Just Tiger Woods' Issue, I discussed the hazards and general status of intoxicated driving in the United States along

Every year, The Economist Intelligence Unit publishes a ranking of world cities based on their livability.