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It glistens, oozes, sometimes sparkles and seems to be everywhere: in homes, schools and offices, and on travel gear and key chains. So it's no wonder that kids are accidentally – and even intentionally – ingesting hand sanitizer. The result can be signs of alcohol toxicity.
Nurses in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit have their work cut out for them. Not only since they care for an extremely vulnerable population, but because they have to literally cut diapers to make them fit the smallest babies. But now two companies have designed specialized diapers with those babies in mind.
Older mothers may be better – or maybe not. But when a study is based on moms' answers to a questionnaire about their own children, it's also possible that older mothers just think their children are more perfect than how younger moms view their kids.  
Public health experts have noted the unexplained increases in childhood asthma and autism spectrum disorders over the past few decades. A recent review has linked such ills to the coincident increases in obesity in women of childbearing age.
Each year the recommended childhood and adolescent vaccine schedules are reviewed, adjusted and approved. The 2017 revisions are now available, and here are some of the recent changes affecting everyone from infants to those up to the age.   
Results of a new study may have identified a new way to better protect young soccer players. That's by getting information about preventative care to coaches – the adults on the field closest to the kids. And that crucial information can be delivered to coaches, though workshop training, in just 90 minutes.
ACSH's "on-site mother" Marge Bloom turns 90 on Saturday, February 4th, 2017. We get to see plenty of her, but the rest of you have not been so fortunate. Until now. Happy Birthday Marge!                                               
The FDA confirmed the presence of of the poisonous substance, belladonna, in the homeopathic teething remedies linked to the deaths of 10 infants. More importantly, its analysis detected amounts that were inconsistent between samples, meaning some of the levels were much higher than what the product's label indicated. 
It’s official! Word just came in from Punxsutawney Phil as his 2017 prediction scroll—translated from Groundhogese— proclaims: At Gobbler’s Knob on Groundhog Day ~ We celebrate a world-wide Holiday ~ It’s mighty cold weather, you’ve been braving ~ Is it more winter or is it spring that you’re craving? ~ Since you’ve been up all night and starting to tottle ~ I, Punxsutawney Phil, shall not dawdle ~ My faithful followers, I could clearly see ~ A beautiful, perfect shadow of me ~ Six more Weeks of Winter, it shall be!
New data shows that more than eight in ten Americans "support requiring all healthy schoolchildren to be vaccinated for measles, mumps and rubella." In addition, an overwhelming number of adults – 88 percent – "believe that the benefits of these inoculations outweigh the risks."
With parents' safety concerns growing about their own kids playing football, over the last few years the drumbeat for change has gotten increasingly louder. As a result, USA Football, the nation's governing body of youth football, will begin to fundamentally alter how the game is played and taught.
When healthier food choices are available, high school sporting events don't have to be the exclusive domain of burgers, fries and ice cream. Based on findings from a limited study by researchers from Cornell University and the University of Iowa, an existing desire for healthier fare should prompt concession stands to offer smarter choices.