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The other night, I had dinner with one of my best childhood friends who became an OB/GYN. She has three amazing children and was pregnant with her fourth.

Trigger warning: She ordered a glass of wine. And drank it.

It seems, per usual, some bad apples are ruining it for the bunch in a Western New York town.

It is hard to know what gadgets for your new baby are useful, which are unnecessary and which are actually harmful. 

Signing an agreement to vaccinate your kid and then reneging kinda takes the wind out of your religious objection sails but that hasn't stopped one Detroit mother.

Most moms will tell you that the first and last months of pregnancy are the hardest.

A Colorado toddler required emergency medical intervention after ingesting 28 high-powered buckyball magnets.

A tragic death befell a toddler in Brooklyn, NY after reports claim "his father apparently attempted to cure his chronic

At my last two OB appointments (34 and 36 weeks along) I was told that I am measuring 1- to 2cm smaller for gestational age. 

Just in case any parents out there were worried their precious offspring would cease being babes in the nest, they can rest assured as it would seem they have a few more years yet.   

The American Academy of Pediatrics released its first-ever guidelines on tattoos and body piercings among teens.