Policy & Ethics

The masters of the Anthropocene, that would be us, have been responsible for decimation and end of many species through our effect on the ecosystem - through hunting, migration, or from the sources of energy we choose.
American science and industry are under threat by this complex, known to be an unholy alliance of activists and trial lawyers who deploy various pseudoscientific tricks to score multibillion-dollar lawsuits against large companies. No industry is safe from these deceptions.
Who funds this research? Most would say it's government, but they'd be wrong. ACSH friend Dr. Robert Popovian, vice president of Pfizer's U.S. Government Relations, discusses this perennially controversial topic.
Clickbait – provocative and intentionally misleading headlines online, designed to draw in newspaper or magazine readers – are nothing new to ACSH, or one of our trusted advisors. Have things gotten worse? That advisor, Dr. Jeffrey Singer (pictured), wonders whether scientific studies have stooped to an extremely low level.
A new paper in the periodical Health Affairs demonstrates the separate universes of patients and information technology policymakers. Before you decide that this doesn't affect you, consider that these "meaningful use" programs have already cost the taxpayer $38 billion.
Representatives Terri Sewell (AL) and David McKinley (WV) are trying to push through a new law, one that would ensure that Medicare patients have equal access to "non-opioid" therapies after surgery. If they succeed, then Medicare recipients will have earned the right to suffer along with the rest of us. Brilliant.
Price transparency means not having to settle for the MSRP, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, or the sticker price or the friends-and-family discount. Instead, it means seeing the real, bottom-line price. So when it comes it medical care, why is this still an issue?
The question "What is truth?" is perhaps the hardest one ever posed. Science is based on the correspondence theory of truth, namely, that truth corresponds to reality. But others say that truth is based on consensus, while others say that truth is entirely relative. So, what's the truth about truth?
The United States is not the only country where drug pricing is disjointed. Referring to Europe, ACSH advisor Dr. David Shlaes writes that it is "definitely still a tapestry of nations or even the Wild West." Especially in the world of antibiotics.
The 2016 CDC Guidelines on Opioid Prescribing are so fatally flawed that the only solution is to throw them out and start again. Dr. Andrea Trescot, an anesthesiologist and pain management physician, and ACSH advisor Dr. Red Lawhern explain why.
While the Germans' no-nonsense approach to life can be irritating to some, it also has some very notable benefits. They will no longer tolerate parents who refuse to give the measles vaccine to their children.
In a press release, the American Heart Association sensationalized research presented at its meeting, then included a disclaimer that the research may not be accurate. And the association doesn't necessarily endorse it. And then the Surgeon General posted it on Twitter.