23andMe, founded in 2006, is a personal genetics company with the mission to "help people access, understand and benefit from the human genome."

Up until 2013, 23andMe was selling home DNA testing kits that gave genetic information to consumers. After submitting a sample of saliva, customers could have access to their genetic results online - related to both ancestry and health information. However, after years of back and forth with the FDA, 23andMe was told to stop selling their kits that allow disease detection. The letter from the FDA stated, 

“because you are marketing the 23andMe Saliva Collection Kit and Personal Genome Service (PGS) without marketing clearance or approval in violation of the Federal Food, Drug and...

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Part of me feels somewhat intimidated and reluctant to blast anything Google-related because they can probably take me off the grid and no one may know I ever existed – sounds a bit paranoid I know, but sort of feasible, right?

The company 23andMe, a direct-to-consumer genetic testing company, recently made headlines because they opened up more about what they offer to consumers and why they are so great.  Chief Executive Officer Anne Wojcicki, ex-wife of Sergei Brin...