3D printing

Oscar Wilde believed “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” Upon viewing the accompanying video animation of the anatomical relationships of Pectoralis Major and Minor created by Dr. Raf Ratinam, I became truly inspired. 

Inspired to write an article, even two. Inspired by the mastery of the complexity of the human form—and, an artist’s understanding of it. Inspired to explore the possibilities of the endless meaningful and powerful ways to impact my chosen field of medicine. Ways that involve navigating traditional and outside-of-the-box realms. All carrying the potential to change the world.

So, I will let you be the judge of whether life influenced art...

shutterstock_378666034Milking a Cow courtesy of Shutterstock

Consumers are very particular about their milk, it would seem — added growth hormones are shunned, and happy cows are priorities in many people's minds. So would they be likely to drink milk that didn't involve cows directly, either because the milk comes from yeast or from a 3-D printer? We're looking forward to that answer, since both appear to be the horizon.

First, let's take a look at milk made by ...