Andrew Kolodny

For those of you who don't follow the details of the so-called "opioid crisis" (finally being appropriately named the fentanyl crisis), some of the terms, names, and groups (like PROP) may be unfamiliar. Here's a primer.  
Let's give West Virginian Senator Joe Manchin the benefit of the doubt.
Would someone kindly tell me who decided that prescribing medications need not be limited to, say, people who know how to prescribe medications, for example, physicians who prescribe medications?
Even those of us who are fully aware of the misery that our appalling system of drug regulation has heaped upon pain sufferers will find Maia Szalavitz's 
JB: Dr. Kolodny, I can't possibly express how grateful I am that you agreed to do another interview for me, ACSH, and your many pain patient fans out there.
I may be a musician but that doesn't mean that all genres are my cup of tea. While I'll pay a ridiculous amount of money to go hear Rachmaninoff's second, it usually takes tow chains to drag me to a Broadway musical.
I've written more than 75 articles about the travesty that is now our drug "policy." Many of them can be found on the ACS
An organization called Poynter Institute for Media (1) released a "Politifact" report in an
Is sticking your finger down your throat a pleasant experience? (Sorry, bulimics excluded) How about sticking it down there and leaving it for three weeks? This is not a gag (sorry).
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