We were pro-GMO before the term "GMO" was even invented. That's because the acronym "GMO" is not used by scientists, but is instead a colloquialism employed by the media, activists, and the general public.
Last month, we reported that a Dutch journalist named Jannes van Roermund collaborated with the infamous troll and anti-GM
Several years ago, when I first became a science communicator, I was giving a talk in Seattle about GMOs.
The Age of Social Media has been an eye-opening experience. As a friend of mine once noted, "Social media has made us realize that our neighbors are a bunch of jerks."
Several years ago, when I was still at RealClearScience, I had the misfortune of meeting some people who worked for the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS).
Being anti-GMO is the biotech equivalent of being anti-vaccine.
The Breakthrough Dialogue is an annual meeting of a politically diverse group of scientists, professors, journalists, think-tankers, and others who discuss technological solutions to environmental and social problems*.
Today, it seems that honest disagreement just isn't possible. Social media, which has become a sewage pipe of political hyper-partisanship and unscientific propaganda, magnifies this disturbing trend.
We get email. Liar. Jerk. Sock puppet. Propagandist. Criminal. Corporate slut. Satan's minion1. These are just a few of the names Dr. Josh Bloom and I have been called -- and that was just last week.  
There is something nauseatingly ingenious about the Huffington Post.
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