It is not every day that drug development results in a breakthrough with the potential to eliminate an often serious and sometimes fatal disease, but one of those days occurred early last month.
While the study looked at the intention to get a COVID vaccination, its results are generalizable to other issues.
There are several reasons an individual can have differing views from a scientific consensus. They may lack knowledge of the subject, the “deficit model,” in which case, greater education is all that is necessary.
Before we get started, no – the German man who was recently arrested for selling phony vaccination cards – does not have multiple heads. That's just a lousy metaphor and shameless clickbait.
The Failure of Complex Systems
Everyone should agree that the better course of action would be to persuade timely vaccine uptake rather than mandate.
“Sin taxes come from wine, beer, and spirits. They generate revenue from sports betting and casino gambling. In addition, they are levied on cigarettes, marijuana, and sugary beverages.
This is an easy document to poke fun. It is full of cultural new-speak that can be jarring when heard, let alone considered. The whitepaper provides guidelines for healthcare’s more formal speech in journal articles, presentations, and policy.
The vaccination rates for COVID-19 are plateauing; there is no concern, at least in the US, over supply, no lack of public service announcements, no financial barriers.
Shortly after SARS-COV-2 began its global rampage last spring, the anti-vaccine movement tried to capitalize on the crisis.