German Who Got 90 Vaccines Grew 3 Heads. With a 4th on the Way.

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Hear about the German guy who got arrested for getting selling forged vaccine cards to anti-vaxxers? That should be funny enough, right? Nope. ACSH goes the extra kilometer, as usual.

Before we get started, no – the German man who was recently arrested for selling phony vaccination cards – does not have multiple heads. That's just a lousy metaphor and shameless clickbait. He has just one, but, based on what he subjected himself to, you have to wonder what's in it.

It's hard to get inside the head (heads, really) of the still-unnamed German man (let's call him Mr. Needelman) who was arrested for getting 87 COVID shots and then selling forged vaccine cards to other Germans who refused to be vaccinated but still wanted "proof" that they were. Talk about irony, right? Sort of like serving veal at a PETA fundraiser.

What was he thinking? I mean, there must be easier ways to score some Deutschmarks than run a ghoulish experiment on yourself, something that would make the (collective) heads of FDA officials explode. Since Herr Needleman is likely to spend some time behind bars where he can be observed, I must say that what, if anything, happens to him will make one helluva clinical trial, albeit one without a suitable control group, say a Canadian who had only 40 shots. 

Speaking of which... For reasons I will never understand, The Dreaded Chemistry Lesson From Hell© has become quite popular. Although the Rorschach Test results of the mutants people who keep asking for more of these hideous lessons must be something to behold, as a man of the people (1), I must accede to their wishes. So, let's branch out...

Steve and Irving, your hosts of TDCLFH© seem uncomfortable in their new role. They have plenty of time to adjust, though.

Assuming that Needleman doesn't take a vaccine-mediated dirt nap (possibly joining Steve and Irving in The Eternal Hot Zone), this twisted venture could actually turn out to be of some value. It should (but won't) shut up anti-vaccine nutlogs like Joe "Crazy Joe" Mercola, Mike "The Health Stranger" Adams, and RFK "Straightjacket" Jr.

Will Needleman survive his self-inflicted immunological blitzkrieg, maybe even without any adverse effects? There is currently no information on his health, but we can make certain assumptions: 

  • He was vaccinated over the course of several months, so he clearly didn't drop dead from the first, tenth, or fiftieth shot.
  • He was released and not hospitalized.
  • If he catches COVID it's gonna be one helluva mild case. And embarrassing.

Even though German privacy laws prevented authorities from releasing any information – name or health – it will eventually come out. Although a single case study cannot prove anything, if this guy is alive and kicking in a year it's going to take some of the steam out of the nonsense that is being spewed by the Mercolas of the world. (3)

Not only does [CDC manipulating statistics] inaccurately inflate the unvaccinated death toll, but it also hides the real dangers of the COVID shots, as the vast majority of deaths from these shots occur within the first two weeks.

Joe Mercola,

Not to be outdone, Mike Adams steps up to the plate:

[T]he Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is a bioweapon that is harming children worldwide.

Mike Adams, Natural News

Hard to argue with that. Or this, from crackpot RFK Jr., an aficionado of some of the dumbest conspiracies you'll ever hear (2): 

[The COVID vaccines are] the deadliest vaccine[s] ever made."

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Of course, this is only the tip of the screwball conspiracy iceberg. You know, like the one that sank The Titanic. Except, Kennedy (just guessing here) probably believes that The Titanic never sank because it never existed. Neither did the iceberg.  

So, what will happen if Herr Needleman is cheerfully strolling the Earth a year from now? Will it shut these guys up? The aliens in Area 51 tell me no. Son of Sam's dog agrees. 


(1) That is such a lie. I pretty much hate everyone. I'm a New Yorker. We can't help it.

(2) Some of RFK's doozies involve claiming that 5G towers are built “to harvest our data and control our behavior," sticking to the thoroughly debunked vaccine-autism farce and eating roadkill. It would seem that he could use a little vacation in the Rubber Ramada.

(3) That's another lie. Nothing will change. People are too stupid. I didn't write Drowning in Morons for no reason.