antibiotic resistance

In a lively exchange with Lars Larson, we dove headfirst into the realm of groundbreaking medical advancements, touching on the pressing issue of antibiotic resistance.

During my lifetime, there have been several seminal breakthroughs in medicine that greatly changed our ability to prevent or treat disease. Part 1, below, describes several of them. I have a good idea of what some of the next ones will be.

JB: A new report in USA Today is certainly looking for readers. The title clearly reflects this:

“Not 'if' but 'when': Antibiotic resistance poses an existential threat for modern medicine”

1211 participants underwent “clean” (a CDC definition of infectious nature of the surgery) orthopedic surgery, were given appropriate antibiotics within an hour of beginning surgery, and repeated every 3 to 4 hours during surgery.

Spoiler alert – get out the anti-depressants.

Here we go again. Entasis Therapeutics has been struggling in the public marketplace.

We are about to dedicate an entire ASM/ESCMID session to planning for the implementation of forthcoming pull incentives.  We do this because we all agree that without signifi

"Every city has its own 'molecular echo' of the microbes that define it.”

This blog was inspired by a recent conversation with a CEO of a clinical phase antibiotic biotech.

One of the lessons of the pandemic has been how where we live influences our susceptibility to disease.