Clostridium difficile, aka C. Diff. is a very serious, common infection that can cause life-threatening diarrhea. It is very difficult to treat with antibiotics, especially since the infection often arises from antibiotic use for other infections. But there may be new way to control it by use of a novel antibody.
But now, an immune-based approach that is completely different from the statin mode of action, may be an alternative way to prevent cardiovascular events. Not by inhibiting the production of cholesterol, but by preventing the release of LDL cholesterol the real culprit. This could end up being superior to the mode of action by which statins function.
A group of researchers from Umea University in Sweden published two related studies in their attempt to explore a link between infection
Although psoriasis is primarily a disease of the skin, its effects often go well beyond skin deep. The disease, which is considered to be autoimmune, can be very difficult to live with. Its most common form causes white, scaly patches, which are itchy, unsightly and can cover large areas of the body. Although uncommon, it can be so debilitating that people who are afflicted have higher rates of depression and suicide.
Although a very high percentage of children in the United States receive a vaccination protecting them against pertussis, cases of pertussis have been on the rise. And infants younger than six months who are