In 2016 I wrote about a group at the Kyoto Institute of Technology in Japan that 
The common cold is one of the banes of our existence. No matter how healthy you are, how many vegetables you eat, and how much you exercise, you will not avoid the common cold.
Several major airlines have cancelled flights into China because of the Wuhan coronavirus (also called 2019-nCoV). The U.S. State Department has gone further by issuing a "do not travel" warning for China.
A news report from Virginia says that two people are dead and 18 have been hospitalized following an outbreak of an unknown respiratory infection at a ret
Though the sciences of microbiology and public health have largely made infectious disease an afterthought for most people in the developed world, microbes have not gone away.
A story that has gone viral (again) claims that McDonald's touchscreen menus are covered in poop. Is it true?
Antibacterial surfaces are one way that we are fighting back against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Killing bacteria before they infect our bodies obviously precludes the need for an antibiotic.
Bacteria come in two very broad categories based on the structure of their cell walls, the outer region that gives the cells shape and integrity.
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