Itchy bedbug bites are hardly a thing of the past, since resistance to commonly-used pesticides is on the rise. Not only are the critters basically laughing at older chemicals, the resistance seems to be carrying over to newer ones as well. A precipitous rise in the bedbug population may be in our future.
Attention has recently focused on a study of the genetic fingerprint, or DNA, of microorganisms found on and in NYC subways. Some genetic evidence of bacteria linked to bubonic plague and anthrax was found. Should New Yorkers (or anyone) be concerned about this? No.
Can DDT fight the bedbug problem? Maybe. But the banned insecticide could do a lot more than that IF science held sway rather than mythology and superstition.
The latest ACSH health headlines: The HPV vaccines works! And the U.S. has some catching up to do. What's bugging New Yorkers? Bed bugs of course, and ACSH's Dr. Josh Bloom's take on the matter appears in the Wall Street Journal. And yet another study showing the dangers of using herbal and dietary supplements- this time, liver damage.
ACSH's Dr. Josh Bloom quoted in The Wall Street Journal, September 4, 2014.