birth defects

The administration of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy raises two kinds of concerns that apply to all vaccines.  The first is the recognition that because the vaccines will be administered mainly to a healthy population, their safety must be we

Enantiomerism – the property of asymmetric molecules that look "the same" but are actually mirror images of each other – is one of the many topics, perhaps the most egregious, that drive organic chemistry students bats###t crazy.

Last week, the global news outlets reported a case of a baby boy born in India with two penises and four legs.

Babies inside the womb, as they exit and once out into the world —especially if breastfed—are influenced to varying degrees by their mother’s exposures, albeit illicit or prescription drug intake, food ingestion or smoking, to name a few.

In UteroIn 1954 the German company Chemie Grunenthal first synthesized the drug thalidomide to be used as a sedative that p

Pregnant!The association between maternal use of antidepressant

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