blood clots

Simple, inexpensive drugs to treat COVID are few and far between. But we may have a new, old pill to add to the arsenal. A new study tells us how well it works.
New York's Mount Sinai hospital reports that several patients under age 50 have suffered from COVID-19-associated strokes from blood clots. Other anecdotal and small-series reports have shown increased clotting in COVID-19 patients, often ending in death. What's going on here? Let's take a look.
Without actually knowing how many hours participants watched TV, and by comparing groups with very different risks, researchers concluded that TV watching is associated with clot formation. By extension, does this mean that binge-watching is harmful to our health?
Heparin, which has primarily been used for the treatment of blood clots, is one of the oldest medications still in use. New research indicates that heparin has a more diverse physiological role, one of which stimulates food intake and decreases metabolism. This could have profound clinical implications, both in its current clinical use and for the future of developing weight-loss drugs.
John McCain’s office released a statement from the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, providing details of his Glioblastoma brain tumor. It was disclosed that the 80-year old senior Senator from Arizona was recovering from a surgical excision of a blood clot performed on July 14 that was discovered during a routine annual physical. 
Our innate coagulation – or clotting – cascade is quite a dynamic, but formidable system. When optimally effective, it manages retention of a balanced condition between not too much bleeding and not too much clotting. Let's take a look at how to reduce your chances of developing pathologic clots.
Questions were raised about Hillary Clinton's health after a recent public dizzying episode. Her doctor released a "summary update" on the presidential candidate's health, "since the release of [her] previous medical statement in July 2015." What does this letter mean?  Not everything and not nothing.