blood type

There are four different ABO blood types: A, B, AB, and O. These types depend on the sort of glycoproteins (that is, proteins covered with sugars) that decorate red blood cells (RBCs).
One month from her 93rd birthday and five feet tall (when standing on a 3" step), my mother does not appear to be especially threatening. Yet, as my family would find out, bioterrorists can come in small packages. 
If you set up a Google News alert for "norovirus" be prepared to get a whole lot of emails right now.
Does your blood type, specifically your Rh factor, matter in your daily life? Not in the slightest. But when pregnant, your Rh status can matter, especially if it's negative.
In 1996 naturopathic physician - whatever that means - Peter D Adamo published his Eat Right for
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