USA Today's phony "debate" on the risks and benefits of e-cigarettes showed up their agenda rather than the facts. While the "pro" side's Kessler had the facts straight, his position as CEO of Lorillard makes his status and opinions suspect in many venues.
In what's bound to make exaggerated waves in mainstream media, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released data on Thursday showing the percentage of U.S. middle and high school students who use electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, more than doubled from 2011 to 2012
NYTimes article tells us about the vast amount of e-cigarette advertising and marketing funding. The tone is that e-cigs are becoming more like regular cigarettes. But there is a vast difference in health risks, so more power to them.
Teen vaccination rates are all over the board, according to the CDC. In order to assess vaccination rates,
The number of cases has skyrocketed to nearly 300,000 recently; the disease is 10 times more common than previously thought