Cancer of the prostate gland is extremely common – so common, in fact, that in some form it will affect most men if they live long enough.

“… the hot flavors in spices, the mouth-puckering tannins in wines, or the stink of Brussels sprouts. They are the antibacterials, antifungals, and grazing deterrents of the plant world.

Your body cells, particularly neurons, love the sugar glucose. This is the reason that your body closely regulates the level of glucose in your blood. Your brain would literally starve without it.

Inside of our body cells are tiny little organs ("organelles") called mitochondria that serve as miniature power plants. They provide the energy necessary for metabolism to occur and our bodies to function.

Imagine you’re a firefighter trying to prevent a house from burning to the ground. After many hours of hard work, you’ve rescued the family, saved their pet chinchilla, and extinguished every visible ember—a job well done.

The headlines are rampant lately about “a mysterious and deadly fungal infection..spreading across the globe” that identifies multidrug-resistant yeast, Candida auris, as a “new fungal superbug.” And, as is common with such alarming heade

A new article in Medscape discusses a very touchy issue - a bell ringing ceremon

Complementary medicine (CM) runs the gamut in its healing claims from offering authentic stress relieving massage and well-meaning, but expensive placebo to outright spurious declarations.

Today was a good day for personalized medicine with the report in the NEJM on treating breast cancer. A study looked at women categorized by a 21-gene assay [1] that predicted recurrence and whose care was predicated upon those findings.