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Lately, whether it be while watching the news on television, scrolling through social media or engaging in conversations no matter what side of the political spectrum, I am constantly thrust back into my life as a practicing pediatrician navigatin
Parenting young children can take its toll. Frequent breaks or naps wherever you may land, for even the most “prepared” and dedicated, are often a lifeline - especially for those not used to doing a residency where lost sleep is a mainstay.
I had the distinct pleasure of being a guest on CUNY-TV’s Smith Sabatino Show yesterday.
Apparently, we are at a point where the Governor of Utah was compelled to sign into law bill SB65 which somewhat modifies the definition of child neglect.
Divorce with children is a particularly trying experience for many families. Rarely is it ever easy or without its challenges - even in the best of circumstances or when it is the right decision for all parties.
Having children means also having their stuff. For those of us who are organizationally challenged, this stuff tends to pile up. Clothes and toys, shoes, toys, books, toys, oh - and more toys.
A new study published in the journal Pediatrics invest
And, so it begins.   With yesterday’s release by The Daily Mail of Anthony Weiner’s alleged entry into a rehab facility for the treatment of sex addiction, the media headlines ignited.
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