Are you your dog? Is your dog you? Or, elements of your personality traits anyway. Researchers set out to explore these and other queries.

Can we extrapolate from this new science to apply these questions to your human children?

Faculty from the University of Vienna’s Department of Behavioral Biology in Austria sought to explore the human-dog dyad (aka a group of two -units, entities, humans, animals) suggesting owner and dog social characteristics impact each other’s stress responses and thereby influence coping capacity. Recognizing the human role is more influential, they investigated “intra-individual cortisol variability” (iCV) which is regulated and adjusted by interactions that range from contentious to emotionally supportive. Heart rate (HR) and its fluctuations...

Your dog loves rawhides - that's a fact. But someone may have told you to stay away from them. Why? Take a look at the Good, the Bad, and the Debunked about your pet's favorite chew bone. 

Man's best friend — the dog — is a versatile creature. Dogs can work as herders, guards, guide dogs and even provide therapy for hospitalized patients. But which dogs are suited to which tasks (and here I mean individuals, not breeds) must be uniquely determined. There are behavioral tests, to be sure, and now there seems to be yet another way to tell whether a dog's personality can suit it to the job of ministering to the sick. And strange as it may seem, whether or not the dog becomes prematurely gray (i.e. before the age of 4 years) could provide the key.

In a...

If the photo attached to this article does not make you smile, then I question whether you have a soul.  The act alone contributes to such known positive health benefits.  So, take a little look inside and find your joy - whether it is with animals or an activity.  Your world and the one around you will be enhanced.

We always hear that pediatric and veterinary medicine are similar, but is this true?  I often thought there were commonalities, but after becoming a pet parent and experiencing the other side I am certain.  Let’s journey through the lessons I have learned.

I always wanted an English Bulldog.  They made me laugh.  I crossed the street and was perpetually diverted whenever I encountered one.  But, the refrain was always ‘you are in medical school you won’t have...

Dogs love peanut butter— but just because they go nuts over that delicious goodness does not mean every type of nut is safe for your furry friend. We chatted with Dr. Tim Hunt about which common types are safe to feed your pooch!


You've seen that look: the big sappy eyes, staring through your soul... yep, that's just your dog beggin' for human food next to the dinner table. And scientists have discovered the reason why some breeds (ahem...Labs) do it more than others.



Man s best friend has long been admired for their remarkable sense of smell. From Sherlock Holmes to the TSA, the canine olfactory system has been directed by humans to detect a long list of items, including bodies, bed bugs and bombs. Now researchers in Europe want to add another item: Cancer.

A study published in this month s Journal of Urology outlines a better than 90% effectiveness of dogs at detecting prostate cancer by sniffing a patient s urine. The researchers, based in Italy, trained two 3-year-old female...