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This month Australian researchers published the results of a population cohort study that followed the 5‑year trajectory of 3.7 million adult patients in New South Wales who were prescribed opioids for pain in the 
Last month, Gov. Dan McKee signed legislation making the Ocean State the first to legalize safe injection sites, dubbed “overdose prevention sites” by harm-reduction advocates. Hopefully, Rhode Island won’t run into the same fe
From  Then They Came For My Xanax - Opioid Madness Metastasizes (August 9, 2018):
The “opioid epidemic” consistently addressed in the news, by politicians and throughout social media conflates many aspects of the issue, often speaking interchangeably about prescription medications and illicit drugs.
There's no sign that the ongoing drug overdose epidemic is getting better. In fact, though it has been receiving widespread national attention for about two years, it seems to be getting worse.
Dr. Cox: Did you actually just page me to find out how much Tylenol to give to Mrs. Lendsner? J.D.: I was worried that it could exacerbate the patient's... 
There are many good reasons not to take drugs. Other than addiction and the possibility of overdose, the next best reason is that, Walter White notwithstanding, neighborhood chemists aren't terribly trustworthy.
Young adulthood is supposed to be an exciting time. Getting a job, buying a home, and starting a family are on the agendas of many people in this age group.
The overdose epidemic sweeping the nation is hitting some demographics harder than others. New data released by the CDC breaks down heroin overdose deaths by age.
It is hardly news that there is a catastrophic opioid addiction crisis in this country. In the last fifteen years, the rate of death from prescription drug abuse and overdose has tripled. Who is to blame? There is no simple answer.
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