fake news

President Trump caused a controversy when he said that it is "frankly disgusting the press is able to write whatever it wants to write." He is absolutely right
Like North Korea, everybody agrees that fake news is a big problem. But also like the Hermit Kingdom, nobody really knows what to do about it.
The headline promises information about a "NEW LANDMARK STUDY" linking aspartame consumption to lymphoma and leukemia in humans. Now that's a global crisis if I ever heard one!
Wonder why fake news is winning as a concept and description?
There has rightfully been much public discussion on how to fight back against the scourge of fake news.
Today, the Financial Times announced that Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, is raising money to launch a new media outlet, called Wikitribune.
The war on expertise is not a new phenomenon.
As a pediatrician, I always advise don’t be fooled by the cuteness. Urging parents to stay strong --especially in those vulnerable moments. See the big picture. Follow through with consequences for bad behavior.
No matter the evidence, some people always will refuse to accept it. Some of those people are university professors.
Politics makes utter fools out of otherwise rational people. The vitriol aimed at President George W.
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