food poisoning

With winter approaching, perhaps you or somebody you know will be unlucky enough to catch a nasty "stomach flu" or "24-hour flu," (which will produce some quality time in the bathroom). Now while you will almost certainly feel better within 24-72 hours, here's the catch: There's no such thing as the stomach or 24-hour flu.
The North American Mycological Association keeps records of mushroom poisonings; it reported 67 incidents of human poisoning from mushrooms in 2013. Fortunately, none were lethal. There were also 49 cases of dogs being poisoned, as well as one cat.
It's been a very bad year for Chipotle. The tex-mex fast food chain made itself look foolish by trying to riding the anti-GM train, while at the same time still using ingredients from GM crops (as if it matters). Then things got worse: three separate outbreaks of food poisoning, each caused by a different bug.
Some 30 to 40 percent of purchased foods are simply discarded by Americans.
A new report from the CDC s FoodNet surveillance system presents data about the frequency of foodborne illnesses in 2014, and compares it to those frequencies it found in 2006-2008.
We ve been hearing warnings about the possibility of getting ill from contaminated meat and poultry for years. This could lead one to suspect that these foods are responsible for most of the cases of foodborne illness in the US. But that suspicion would be wrong,
We have taken Vani Hari The Food Babe to task multiple times for her charade posing as a credible science-based resource on nutrition, acting in the best interests of her followers, when she really is a metaphor for anti-science hype and fear, according to
Jonel Aleccia of NBC News took on a rather unpleasant subject norovirus (aka the stomach flu or the winter vomiting bug) in his recent article. Although it is an intriguing topic, and dispels some myths, the overall message that if you simply avoid eating at restaurants (especially the salad bars) you will dodge this hideous infection is misleading.
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A number of food companies have recalled 15,000 pounds of hummus after listeria contamination was discovered by the Texas Department of Health in hummus produced by Target Archer Farms and sold by various companies. According to Food Safety Working Group, a federal agency that coordinates information from various sources, such as the CDC and FDA, the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes is the fourth leading cause of bacterial food poisoning.
Foster Farms owns three poultry-processing plants in California that are now being targeted as the sources of Salmonella-contaminated poultry that have sickened 278 people in 17 states, according to a report in the Sacramento Bee.
Eating contaminated food results in foodborne illness in about one in every six Americans each year, and about 70 percent of those cases are caused by unsanitary behaviors that people do in their own kitchens. In her column in