There are three basic facts about death: (1) We all have to die. (2) All young deaths are tragic deaths. (3) Some of us die in ways that are more interesting than others, and those deaths often make their way into case reports. This story involves all three.
Among the many nonsensical agenda-driven attacks on fracking, the allegation that the process produces dangerous radiation is among the more ludicrous. Now the PA environmental agency agrees.
A town in Texas voted to ban fracking shale-fracturing for entrapped gas and other fossil fuels and the fractavists are having a field day. Fortunately for our energy needs and economy, this symbolic win is Pyrrhic.
There s not much good news coming from the world s major energy producing regions, according to an editorial in USA Today. Yet, in the
Colorado's Gov. Hickenlooper and the Environmental Defense Fund worked together with some industry reps to craft tough new restriction on fracking-related methane leaks. Is everybody happy? No. But compromise worked and the beneficiaries are the people of Colorado: a classic win-win.