generic drugs

Well, this was sure eye-opening.
Back in 2019, I wrote about some of the tricks that drug companies use to hang onto brand name sales even though the drug's generic equivalent may have been around for years, if not decades (See 
The high cost of prescription drugs is a source of universal frustration.
In addition to being a source of universal frustration, the high cost of drugs is a public relations nightmare for health systems and the much maligned pharmaceutical industry.
To protect their revenues, and as a result, keep drug prices high, brand-name drug manufacturers have tried several means to stop or slow the entry of comparable generics.
The rising price for EpiPens, a drug delivery system that is crucial for persons experiencing potentially life-threatening allergic reactions, has resulted in outrage.
Dr. Josh Bloom on Science 2.0, December 2, 2014. Just for yucks, let s go back a few years and see how well people did in forecasting drug prices in the future.
In the public gets the shaft again department, there is yet a
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