Inoculations are a welcome development, but the public should temper its excitement.
What happens to the global economy if the medicine ends up harming those it is meant to cure?
Large pharmaceutical companies are multinational organizations with incentives to distribute their vaccines broadly.
"Twelve Diseases That Changed Our World" was originally published in 2007 but has taken on renewed relevance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Will the coronavirus similarly change our world? We review the book authored by Prof. Irwin Sherman.
Are those who claim that life will never go back to normal after the coronavirus, correct? Are we condemned to live in a Brave New World, governed by social distancing and disinfection protocols, in which perfect hygiene is the greatest good?
We tend to overlook how natural disasters like the coronavirus pandemic shape human behavior. Maybe that should change.
Innovation is built upon an ecosystem that takes decades to mature. Yet, China has already made substantial advances in computer science, chemistry, engineering, and robotics -- all of which pose a direct challenge to U.S. technological supremacy. However, the U.S. will remain dominant and largely unchallenged in biotech and medicine for the foreseeable future.