GM food

We have to give a shout-out to freelance science writer Kavin Senapathy for her interview on Senapathy eloquently conveys the facts on genetically modified food for the article: Organic vs GM: finding the grain of truth.
Catch the latest health news: good news on childhood obesity, non-surprising organic crop study, and why the papaya industry is making news again
Dear anti-GM food aficionados, We are warning you that it may be time to stock up on your Whole Foods vegan-burgers and kale because civilization has now taken one more step toward the extinction of all healthy foods on earth. The latest culprit? The banana from hell. In fact, this product is SO awful that it will provide deadly vitamin A to the many selfish Ugandans who would prefer not to die from a deficiency of the stuff. They have some nerve.
Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 1.07.00 PMAlthough Ashley Smith, writing in the Times-News, from Magic Valley, Idaho s agricultural heartland, makes some very good points about how to deal with GM food issues, she goes way off track later in the article.
Friday's Medical Wrap includes GM labeling - is a federal law necessary? and what to do about Junk Science.
Genetically modified foods have been in the news a whole lot recently. Those who use the media as a platform to scare people about GM foods are strategically using fear as their weapon of choice,
Food and You: Feeding The World With Modern Agricultural Biotechnology by American Council on Science and Health
An ad hoc organization Allow Golden Rice Now will continue its quest to end fear and agenda-driven opposition to Golden Rice with a weekend protest in Vancouver.
Rotavirus is a scourge of infants and young children especially in the developing world as it can cause diarrhea and fatal dehydration.