An ad hoc organization Allow Golden Rice Now will continue its quest to end fear and agenda-driven opposition to Golden Rice with a weekend protest in Vancouver.
Enough is enough! Time to protest the protestors, by demonstrating against Greenpeace and their campaign against Golden Rice, which has prevented this lifesaving innovation from preventing the deaths of millions of children.
Greenpeace and other anti-GMO groups destructive activities have the effect of worsening hunger in the Third World, for no reason other than their own anti-science, anti-progress agendas. It's long past time to allow Golden Rice on the market. EFSA has voided Italy's nonsensical ban on GM corn--a good sign.
To the Editor: Greenpeace, having succeeded in terrorizing Europeans about genetically modified (GM) food ingredients, is now flexing its muscles in the United States.(Gerber Baby Food, Grilled by Greenpeace, Plans Swift Overhaul; July 30,1999) Its target is not really food manufacturers, but American parents of infants and young children. Unfortunately, Greenpeace will likely succeed in frightening parents about ingredients they don't know about. There is no evidence that GM soybeans and corn in dry baby cereal have ever hurt anyone, and companies that have to rely on scarcer supplies will have to charge more for their products.