Hep C

In 2012, the hepatitis C universe changed forever when Gilead's Sovaldi was approved. Finally, there was an excellent drug that could eliminate the infection almost all the time. But some strains of HCV are tougher than others to treat. But now, Gilead strikes again.
How will the Zika virus impact the U.S.? Hard to say, but researchers are taking it very seriously. In fact, one particular drug looks promising because it works similarly to Sovaldi, Gilead's revolutionary drug that was the first legitimate cure for hepatitis C. Although it's way too soon to tell if this approach will work, science is on their side.
There are good drugs and not-so-good drugs. Much of this is determined by the underlying disease or infection. Even in 2015, there are many diseases for which there is no good treatment. Medicine is not fair, and all the research in the world will never change this.
If you are looking to have a rational discussion about the value of pharmaceuticals rather than just the cost, you should avoid Vermont.
Before we start, congratulations are in order. Marcia Angell, the former editor in chief of the New England Journal of Medicine and a lecturer at
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