He invented the thermos and smokeless gunpowder. Rising angst Right to repair What are we drinking
“Drinking eight glasses of water every day can prolong your life for up to 15 YEARS and slash the risk of heart attacks, strokes and dementia, study suggests” Can that be true? The study was all over the media, but even a cursory read shows that drinking water was never measured, and eight glasses a day was never discussed.
A rite of passage in medicine, updating our view of reincarnation, Big Pharma and the COVID vaccine giveaway, and when did hydrating become a thing.
Dehydration can be dangerous for the elderly, since their thirst mechanisms and kidneys may not be as well tuned in to the body's status as compared to those of younger people. But the current urine tests don't accurately reflect what's happening in the body, according to a recent study.
What drink (or drinks) will promote proper hydration without leading to too many pit stops? A recent study suggests that milk and oral hydration beverage are probably not the best choices. Which were the best? We suggest you ...
Everyone knows that vegetables are healthy, right? And water is necessary for life. So what could make more sense than to combine the two, and thus provide a reason for charging a pretty penny for hydration?