immune system

We may need to revise the lyrics from a classic musical: "Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down... in the most delightful way." Robert and Richard Sherman, Mary Poppins (1964)
There are two ways to become immune against an infectious disease: The not-so-fun way and the really-not-so-fun way.
The race for the first FDA approved coronavirus vaccine is heating up, and it appears that Pfizer may cross the finish line first.
Doctors and scientists are throwing every conceivable size, shape, and color of the kitchen sink at COVID (as well they should) but there is little to show for it so far.
The quote was from Tom Evans, chief scientist at Oxford university’s vaccines spinout company Vaccitech The Image from the Financial Times, T-cells: the missing link in
Roaming through your body is a group of specialized immune cells that acts like the secret police. They ask other body cells to show them identification ("Papers please!"). If they fail to provide adequate ID, the cells are killed on the spot.
This flu season, one product is making its comeback: orange juice. Sales of OJ seem to have gotten a boost — after years of decline — due to consumers' fears of getting the dreaded illness. 
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