The J-Man Chronicles

Why do penile fractures occur more often around holiday time? Beats me. Get ready to sing.
Anuses are like martinis. Some like 'em dry and some don't. And in the bathroom, a similar debate continues. Hardly a day goes by when the bidet vs. toilet paper war fails to rear its ugly head. This is only one more reason why ACSH – flush with newsworthy articles – is the place to go to learn about this and similarly vital issues. Buckle up.
A recent photo published on a local community bulletin board shows some maniac snorkeling in the Bronx River, a former toilet of New York Coty. What could he be looking for? Turds? Or worse ... Yankee tickets?
You might make it through the day without learning about the science of "Meat Sweats." But you'd be missing something special in your otherwise-dreary and pointless life. Don't risk it. Read this idiotic article.
ChatCGP did a pretty good job when I asked it some chemistry questions. How does it handle random stupid questions? Not so well.
Here's an idea. Let's say that you suffer from chronic constipation and that none of the usual stuff works. Might you benefit from something that sounds a bit odd - a capsule that is preactivated, swallowed, and then begins vibrating in your colon? Nope, it's not something from a Mel Brooks movie. It's real. Welcome to another unwanted chapter of the J-Man Chronicles!
Welcome to another worthless episode of the J-Man Chronicles! For reasons that remain unclear, more than a few people, probably deranged, actually like this idiocy. Who am I to deny them the mindless entertainment they so fervently crave?
Ready for some serious idiocy? Hope so because a new feature, The J-Man Chronicles – a demented version of Chuck Dinerstein's "What I'm Reading" – was designed with idiocy in mind. This week it's oversized arse wipes and used (but returnable) diet soda. Don't blame me.