It doesn't take much anything to annoy me anymore. It can strike from anywhere at any time. What was it today? (As if it matters. Two minutes later I would have found something else.) But today it was coffee.
In the past, I've come down pretty hard on the sleazy tactics used by certain pharmaceutical companies to sell more of
Anyone who looks at our Facebook account knows that Thom Golab, our President, really, really loves coffee – how else to explain so many memes? Coffee is alternatively a good or bad food depending upon the study and the day of the week.
Those ubiquitous star ratings were supposed to help us separate the good from the better and best. But 90% of Yelp reviews are 5-star, 50% for Amazon’s products, and even then, the average star rating was 4.2.
Despite advances in radiation and chemotherapy, surgery, and often time complex surgery remains an important tool for treating cancer.
Charles Piller has written a very interesting article on pre-diabetes, the link is at the bottom, and is worth the 10 minutes.
Most people agree that drug prices in America are way too high. The disagreement centers on the cause and what to do about it, if anything.
In their endeavor to appeal to Millennials and other young people, companies are engaging in marketing campaigns that look and sound good but actually accomplish nothing.
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