medical innovation

Would our deceased Presidents fare better today medically than they did in their respective eras? The answer might surprise you.

Of the thirty-eight United States’ presidents who have died, collectively, they surpassed life expectancies of their respective generations. (1) Did being in such a position of prominence afford them superior care to account for this windfall?

Unpacking their individual causes of death in parallel with medical advancement is one way to provoke greater understanding.

Being alive when we didn’t know how disease spread, sadly, sealed Washington’s fate.

Washington is a perfect example of how evolution of standard of care could have saved his life. Though well-intended, his physicians could not have known then what we...

Understanding why there is an ever-increasing job dissatisfaction rate among doctors (see here) isn’t difficult to comprehend. Loss of autonomy, erosion of the ability to practice medicine (as expected and trained to do) and bureaucratic regulations that impede actual care (click here) top the list. Perverse incentives, ballooning of paperwork and physicians providing glorified data entry for electronic medical records need be included. Electronic medical records, pitched as panaceas, designed and vetted by user interface experts are at best a nuisance, at worst another...