memory loss

Are you failing to get enough jellyfish in your diet? If so, you better hurry out and get some supplemental jellyfish, because ... well, just because. The company that sells the useless junk claims that it will improve your memory. But they obviously forgot to run clinical trials to prove it.
Last week we wrote about Jane Brody s New York Times article on solutions for cognitive decline. And this week, she covers cognitive decline once again, this time focusing on different tests for early signs of dementia.
In yesterday s New York Times Well Column, Jane E. Brody discusses memory and cognitive aging solutions and the science (or lack thereof) behind them. There are a variety of these remedies and devices currently on the
Two recent studies on the health benefits associated with two commonly-used dietary supplements further add to our message here at ACSH that complementary products do very little to protect us from any types of disease, and supply further