Deadly viruses that cause infections like West Nile, Zika and Dengue are passed from mosquitos to humans by bites. But what about HIV? Why isn't it also spread this way? Turns out it's a combination of virology and luck.
This summer, a new mosquito emoji will be available for use in your texts and tweets. Global health advocates hope that it'll be used to raise awareness about mosquito-borne diseases. Get ready to give your messages about malaria, Zika, dengue, and yellow fever a little more buzz. 
Stopping the transmission of Zika and dengue viruses is a top priority in the fields of infectious disease and global health. A novel strategy, one that infects the mosquitoes with bacteria, may just be the key to stopping these viruses in their tracks. 
The scourge of mosquito-borne illnesses — from malaria to Zika — has plagued mankind from time immemorial. Using DDT to GMOs we've been searching for the best, or at least most effective, method to eliminate the pests. Now some innovative scientists have come up with a way to use the mosquitoes' own attraction to nectar to do them in.
The mosquito-borne Zika virus has been declared a global public health crisis by the World Health Organization, but the agency did not say how to effectively fight it. One way would be to allow widespread use of DDT, which eradicated that same mosquito during the 20th century.